How and why did babaGnu start?

The first babaGnu Loop Scarf was created for my daughter when she was about a year old. She has a small little head and I found that the large necks of a lot of her tops were not keeping her as warm as I would have liked. I wanted a practical little scarf that would keep her cosy, look cute, be safe and easy to wear. She had severe facial eczema as a baby and so I was conscious of the kind of fabrics and conditions that would make her skin worse. Having always liked to make things when I can, I rustle up a little cotton loop scarf for her. She loved it, she was warm and looked cute in it, we were both happy! 

Fast forward in time, babaGnu loop scarves are made in Ireland, with fabrics that are not dangerous to those who manufacture them, those who work with them and those who end up wearing them. babaGnu prides itself on using fabrics (including labels and poppers) that are at least OEKO-TEX 100 certified and/or organic (GOTS). Ultimately we hope to one day being 100% Organic.

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So do you actually make the scarves yourself?

Yes! Having sourced gorgeous fabrics, the scarves are made with love and care by me Avril! 

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